Do you know what UGC is?

If you don’t then you are missing out.

This isn’t just an acronym.

UGC stands for user-generated content. This is any content – text, videos, images or reviews – created by people.

Why are we talking about UGC?

Well, because as we all know content is king.

But when it comes to user-generated content – this is the ace in the pack.

user generated contentWhy?

Because it is created by people – it is authentic.

Today’s consumers want to trust the product, service or brand that they are purchasing.

In fact, they are 2.4 times more likely to view and engage with user-generate content compared to content created by brands.

Authentic and credible content is worth its weight in gold.

People today want to relate to the marketing messages presented to them. Gone are the day when paid actors could pose and tell you the benefits of a brand.

Consumers just don’t believe it.

Today, consumers browse through social media and digital news feeds as a way of researching new and interesting content and of course finding out what the best and trendiest brands are.

Content needs to be rich enough to capture and arrest their attention. And this will make them more likely to engage with, click through and build a connection with a brand.

Brands today need to build trust through real connections with consumers. Rather than bombarding with marketing messages and advertising noise, consumers want to get a true reflection of what the brand can do for them.

In fact, 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from people they know and that 70 percent trust online consumer opinions?

That’s the power of user-generated content!

And even more important – UGC can drive purchasing decisions.

An incredible 80 percent of people say user-generated content has a high impact on their purchasing decisions.

So what does that mean for you?

If you aren’t using user-generated content in your marketing, then you are missing out a on powerful tool that could lead to more sales.

60 million images are uploaded to Instagram every day and UGC is the most effective way to showcase products, engage with your fans and drive revenue.

But how do you capitalize and use UGC?

user generated contentWell, the easiest and most effective way is to tap into your customers and put them firmly in the driving seat.

Look to savvy fashion brands that share photos of their customers wearing their clothes on social media.

One of the most successful UGC campaigns was way back in 2009 when fashion brand Burberry launched their Art of the Trench campaign.

Highlighting the iconic trench coat, this innovative campaign saw the brand showcase photos of real customers wearing Burberry’s iconic Heritage Trench on Facebook and their own website.

Burberry’s Facebook follower count grew to over one million —the largest fan base in the luxury sector at the time and online sales grew 50% compared to the preceding year.

Or look at online fashion brand ASOS. Their ‘As Seen on Me’ section on the website was created to host images of their customers wearing clothes purchased from the website.

Customers can upload photos directly to ASOS or by using the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe on Instagram and there are thousands of users posting their ‘outfits of the day’ and generating a feed of adverts for ASOS clothes – all for free!

If you have loyal customers, make the most of them by encouraging them to post photos or videos of themselves using and enjoying your products.

Research has shown that on platforms like YouTube, UGC fan videos get 10 times more views than brand content.

A great way to build up a library of great user-generated content is to go direct to your fans and customers and get them to give you content.

Why not run a competition or giveaway that will engage your target audience and spread the word about your brand.

The people and consumers who create and share user-generated content are likely to be your biggest fans and they are those most likely to have bought from you more than once and are invested in the brand.

User-generated content lets you harness and use consumers’ brand excitement and create an ongoing dialogue between you and consumers that should build brand loyalty.

Competitions can also help widen your brand’s reach as entrants who want to win will share their content far and wide.

A great example of UGC that doesn’t actually showcase the product, but instead shows-off what the product can do is GoPro. The brand asks customers to upload videos taken on their GoPro action cameras, giving potential customers the chance to get an inside track on what the GoPro can do!

The campaign even has its own awards for the best uploads which creates healthy competition and ensures high quality entries. What better way to create fantastic, engaging videos that showcase the products in their best light?

Using user-generated content will help tap into a loyal fan base, but will also help new fans and consumers feel like they are an important part of your brand story.

Today’s consumers want authenticity. As brands, you need to tap into and leverage that feeling in order to expand your reach and drive sales. And one of the best ways to do so is with user-generated content, all while building a great library of authentic, engaging content.





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