First held in 2010 Dubshed has grown into one of Europe’s largest car shows. Over 700 cars are displayed at this two-day event, which boasts a substantial 65-acres. Suitable for families, young people, and those who are simply young at heart, Dubshed attracts show cars from all over the UK and Ireland.

The hospitality and tourism sector is thriving, and with such a broad range of attractions and things to see and do, event organisers need to ensure that they offer visitors more than what they bargained for – to provide an engaging experience and entice customers back year after year

As one of the largest car show, about to enter its 10th year, Dubshed have clearly delivered for their target audience.

In 2019, the event organisers made use of the Maven Infinity Mirror and Maven Digital Photo systems.

As a premium photo marketing technology, Maven’s Digital Booth allowed visitors to take both images and boomerangs, an increasingly popular choice with social media savvy event attendees.

In addition, fully bespoke animations were created, which greatly enhanced the brand awareness and delivered key messages.

Dubshed opted for a full animation overlay of a car even driving across the screen.

The Maven Infinity Mirror is the largest mirror photo experience available on the market. This state of the art technology enabled Dubshed to give 2019 visitors a fully personalised photo event marketing experience, with event logos, and event marketing collateral incorporated into the final media output, which users could then share to the social media channel of their choice, on site at the event!

This user-generated content was key in ensuring the brand and event messaging traveled far and wide.

Photo Marketing Maven Media’s customised and bespoke packages include:

  • Full branding options for the podiums/kiosks/booths.
  • Creation of an interactive and engaging experience for users with a branded and animated screen to entice users to interact with the systems.
  • A choice of image options for users, including still photos, GIFs, and boomerangs.
  • Custom branded template designs for full brand awareness when shared on social media.
  • A customised disclaimer for users to agree to before sharing content, making all data and images collected compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations.
  • Premium data capture functionality, which captures important data and analytics chosen by the client.
  • The ability for users to share their branded content through text message, email, or to a social media channel of their choice simply by entering their contact number or email address.

Photo MarketingResults

Over the course of the two-day event, over 3,000 people used the photo marketing experiences, which included the collection of over 1,700 email addresses and phone numbers. User generated content shared online had a reach in excess of 50,000 impressions, and Dubshed received in excess of 3,000 images and boomerangs that they are able to incorporate into their own marketing campaigns post event and for 2020.



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