“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR” was the famous quote that Bill Gates made and one that many of us in the PR and Marketing industry use when we are trying to draw attention to the importance of our services.

Ironically many of us are nearly down to our last pounds and you might question does this piece of advice really stand, how applicable is it and is this really what Bill Gates meant when he made the comment?

Does he really suggest that when a business is really tight that it spends its income in such a way?

When the Covid-19 pandemic kicked in how did you react in your business? What overheads were reduced? I suspect, like most UK businesses that Marketing & PR budgets were first on the list – was this the right thing to do? How did this affect your business and the attitude of those working for you?

So, here is my spin on what Mr Gates meant…

PR is a process, a set of beliefs, a way of behaving positively as much as it is about press releases, storytelling content and actually employing a PR resource.

The foundations of Public Relations is all about managing your Brand Reputation – positioning, building, maintaining, protecting and managing your reputation. Even if you are down to your last pound you need to keep investing or doing this.

There is nothing more valuable as a good reputation and this is about a lot more than employing PR companies or about issuing press releases. Your reputation is every single aspect of how your business relates to the outside world, your customers, your prospects, the general public and the media. This applies equally to a self-employed beautician or coffee shop owner, as it does to a large multinational.

Ok, how about some Tips for improving and managing your Reputation (PR) for £1


  1.  Answer the phones politely and helpfully
    2.    Return missed calls promptly
    3.    Return email enquiries quickly
    4.    Deliver a good service to customers
    5.    Handle complaints fairly and efficiently
    6.    Deliver products and services on time
    7.    Ensure your billing is correct
    8.    Be polite, fair and efficient with your suppliers and staff
    9.    Keep customers and prospects up to date with new products, features and services
    10.  Treat your suppliers fairly
    11.   Treat your customers with respect (even if they are experiencing difficulty and are under financial pressure)
    12.   Ensure that all correspondence is well laid out, with correct English, is easily understood, professional and properly reflects your business
    13.   Ensure your premises and vehicles are kept neat and tidy
    14.   Ensure the attire of your staff is in keeping with the standards of your business
    15.   Ensure your staff always talk up your company and do not air grievances outside of the four walls with external people – make a pact to sort things out internally
    16.    Talk up the achievements of your company and the staff working there – their talents, skills and achievements

Ok, all of this is good for your business reputation, it didn’t require the intervention of third-party consultants and oh yeah, it didn’t really cost a shilling – you still have your £1 left!

Positive Attitude

Time to get positive and take control – first and foremost you need to declare war on this pandemic and ensure that you and everyone in your business understands the importance of your reputation and a Positive Attitude towards your business.

You will thrive in this environment and if you are alert you will not only survive but you will be in a position to seize on unique opportunities that may arise.

Back to the job of spending our last £1…

Communicate that you are going to invest in positive activity for your business – You have been in Retreat mode and now you want to invest funds in forward mode – you want to “Storm” this current situation.

Your staff must understand that every £1 is vital, that you want maximum return from it and challenge them to achieve this.

Show and positively display the faith that you have in the business and communicate that you and your team are adopting “attack” mode!

This positive mind shift is essential for the business.

Where do we spend our £1?

  1. –    Refresh your Website – review and refresh the text, besides being new and positive it helps your Search Engine ranking
  2. Optimise your Website (do a Google search on this and you will learn find how to do it for free)
  3. Update the News items on the website – announce new customers, products or services
  4. Claim and update your Google My Business page – it’s free!
  5. Set up a social media business page, it’s free – take the time and build a following for your business online. Ask customers to sign up, email them, ring them, tell them..
  6. Start using the other social media sites such LinkedIn to build your contacts and spread awareness for your business, products and service.
  7. Prepare Press Releases about your company or services. Do you have anything interesting or new happening in the business? – let your local press know.

All of this is positive – have you ever noticed that you are at your best when surrounded by positive people? In business we are no different and we like dealing with positive, successful businesses. Behave like one of them.

Build your reputation, shout it from the rooftops and make this a clearly understood activity in your business.

Big problem… we still haven’t spent that £1

Print a few posters and put them around your business “This Pandemic – Can’t touch us”

If you have more than £1 to spend feel free to give the team at Maven Media a call and we can discuss some of our cool new digital influencer marketing tools:

  • Community engagement with Virtual Photo Mosaic
  • Creating brand content utilising virtual photo and video experiences
  • Engage your audience post lock down with Non-touch photo & video marketing experiences

Bill, thanks for the PR heads up … Now it’s time for us all to get back to business!

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