Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this article. My name is James Lee and I am the founder and director of Maven Media UK.

When I first started Maven Media, I often had to pitch to clients and companies. And just like any other start-up trying to get their business off the ground, it was often over the phone.

wedding mirrorMost of the time when I had to describe our offering I used the words “photo booths”

And I was often faced with a few seconds of silence and an awkward feeling where I knew that the person on the other end of the phone was filled with disappointment. Yes, that was me on more occasions than I care to remember.

Sometimes, I would get the “Oh yes, I’ve seen those” response and I could imagine what they were thinking.

But then, with a more in-depth explanation of what we really offer, suddenly I felt the excitement and energy return to the person’s voice. I would describe it as a sunset to sunrise moment.

Photo booth marketingI find it fascinating how we as a society so often associate certain objects based on the words that we are familiar with.

Yet we are a society that appreciate (un)spoken words and we love illustrated digital content like photos and videos . As I often say, “a photo speaks a thousand words, a video many more”.

For example when I say racing car most people will think “Ferrari”.

And sadly, when I say photo booth most of you will imagine a pretty enclosed box, with a plastic adjustable seat inside. Perhaps the mind conjures up an image of a shopping centre or supermarket with those booths with the little coloured curtain where you typically see people taking passport photos.

However, at Maven Media we completely re-define and reimagine the word photo booth. In fact when you see what we offer that word association is a distant memory.

Surprise, surprise the photo booths here at Maven Media do in fact take photographs! But that’s where the similarities to its well-known predecessor end.

The list of features included with our photo booths will absolutely blow you away.

Digital photo boothOur products are fully adaptable and brandable in almost every aspect. And most importantly they are “digital ready”, allowing our clients to promote and express their brand/products to their full potential.

The best bit, however, is their ability to keep your customers fully engaged and entertained.

I would like to redefine these products as “digibooths” to provide a clear difference and dissociation with the good old photo booths that we knew and loved.

Why? Well they really are so much more than you’re the photo booths of old.

You just have to take a look at the key features of our products:

  • Physical branding catered towards any event or occasion
  • User interface branding so that every picture taken will feature your business/company logo
  • Easily portable  – for you to take to your events or for us to deploy
  • Social Media integration allowing your customers to share their experience and promote your brand/product
  • Facial recognition technology
  • Data Capture with analytics – acquire customer contacts and survey results
  • Oh, and I mustn’t forget, we’ve got you sorted when it comes to the data-related bane of our working lives – all our products are GDPR compliant

The best part is that Maven Media can manage all of this for you. We promise to deliver the highest quality, compelling end-to-end service.

So all you have to do is have fun and focus on the rest of your event or brand activation.

I hope I’ve convinced you that these are no ordinary photo booths.

But if you need any more information or would like to enquire about booking with Maven Media, please get in touch.

James Lee.

Brand Activations