Creating content is easy.

Creating great content that guests want to share isn’t so simple?

Why?  Because people like to be in control.

Think of it this way. When someone tells you to have fun – how do you react?

Well, for me personally, I don’t like to be told when and how to enjoy myself.

And that’s where our digibooths come in.

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a business representative. The context of the conversation, involved a proposal for us to collaborate on an event that makes me tingle with excitement!

Our chat over the phone began with my usual introduction – the one where I state my name and which company I am from and then go one to explain the reason why I made contact.

Sound familiar?

I outlined Maven Media’s digibooth services and all of the benefits should he choose to partner with us for this event.

I talked him through everything from photo and video content to branding, customisation, and interaction as well as social media integration and data capture. But most importantly I shouted loudly about all the fun that he and his guests would have.

Now the next part induced a heart stopping surprise!

The representative replied to my pitch by informing me that they have an internal team that use their own traditional equipment to capture images and videos of the event. The team also have the ability to self-brand the content.

Digital MarketingTraditional equipment is exactly that – standard photo/videography equipment such as a functional camera.

After a beat or two, I started to crack a smile.

And I so wish I had had a digibooth in the office to capture a selfie of that smile.

Here at Maven Media, our added value is that we put the “fun” in “functional”.

How do we do this?

Well we let people control their own entertainment and create the fun for themselves.Digital Marketing

Every individual is given the chance to have their moment in front of the digibooth and have fun with our products.

Think back to my earlier point. We don’t tell people how to have fun with the digibooth. We give them the chance to pose and play in whatever creative and quirky way reflects their individual personalities.

And that leads to them creating authentic, organic content that they feel they’ve played a real part in creating and they can’t help but share!

Yes you can choose traditional equipment, but we know that it doesn’t capture the true authentic essence of your guests at their most comfortable.

mosaic wallBy allowing your guests to engage with each other naturally, you are giving them the chance to get to know your brand in a relaxed way that indirectly causes positive brand associations that should sew the seeds for brand loyalty.

With the added ability to immediately share content to their own social media channels, organic shares from users will also extend your brand reach to a much wider and potentially untapped audience.

And let’s not forget the fun to be had with our digibooths!

People love to create their own content and at Maven Media we believe that we should do everything to let them have their moment in the spotlight, in their own space and when they are at their most comfortable.

With the digibooth we can meet them half way and give them the opportunity to be a part of your brand. Contact our creative team for a quote today. 

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