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We are a one-stop shop of photo booth wonderment.  We are well and truly tapped in to what makes society pic … we mean tick!  They say a picture paints a thousand words, and boy they weren’t wrong.

We are a society obsessed with all things visual.   Sharing is caring, and we are the photo booth specialists to ensure it is YOU, who is shared, recognised and engaged.

Our Packages


A sure-fire way to keep your guests engaged, your brand ahead of the competition and your event etched in your guests’ memories.

Maven’s signature photo booth taps into the social media craze and selfie obsession. Jump on the photo sharing bandwagon and allow it to catapult your message to those who need to see it.

Maven Mosaic Wall

Prepare for a show stopping, masterpiece that will make a huge impact at your event. Each mosaic is an individual photo that is strategically produced and positioned to create a jaw dropping work of art that encompasses your logo or desired visual.

There are several ways a photo can morph into a mosaic that will form a part of the greater picture. They can be captured from an onsite photo booth, sent electronically or taken from social media channels.

Maven 360

Welcome to the future of Dream Booth technology with the 360 rotating, high spec system creating amazing video content that your guests will love. This allows participants to get creative, have fun and share content that can be customized with your company logo, branding or event theme visuals. With this approach to photo booth technology, the possibilities are endless.

Maven Digital Booth

The Maven Mobibooth Encore is a premium DSLR photo booth system integrating a canon DSLR camera, DigiBee strobe flash with a 15.6” touch screen and matching rear slideshow. The Mobibooth quick tilt and rotate system allows you to set up postcard or portrait photos without tools.

The Maven Mobibooth Aura proves the ultimate ipad photo booth experience. This technology is incredibly prevalent on the market so ensure you pick the best in the business.

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Our approach is double-edged. We are the provider of a unique experience that will ensure you stand out from the competition and we are a service provider that makes your life easier, by facilitating every aspect of your photo booth experience.

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