Festival season has kicked off in serious style.

Instagram was packed with two weekends of famous faces and fantastic fashion as thousands headed to the Colorado Desert for the now infamous Coachella festival.

Closer to home, free spirits across the UK are prepping for weekends in the sun, or rain, listening to their favourite bands and frolicking in fields.

Glastonbury, Latitude, Boardmasters, Parklife are all mainstays on the festival calendar – all offering diverse line-ups, headline performances from global superstars to independent stars and days and nights of pure unadulterated fun.

But that’s not enough.

Festival photo experienceFestivals are about more than just the music and festival-goers are more discerning than ever.

They want more than just music. They want a fully immersive experience that they can share on social media, boast about being there and of course take home some treasured memories.

Working with festival organisers you can add value by helping them to add unforgettable experiences to their roster of events and activities.


First things first, understand the type of festival. There are the large, commercialised events where brands and sponsorships play a big role. And on the other hand, we have boutique, independent events that either don’t allow brand exposure or only if it resonates with the overall vision of the festival.

By understanding the type of festival, you will be better placed to offer brand activations and experiences that enhance and elevate the festival theme.

There are of course some independent festivals that don’t allow commercial activity within the festival grounds.

Don’t let that stop you!

By thinking laterally, your brand could be the first thing guests see as they travel to the event.

Passionate festival-goers often travel long distances to immerse themselves in the festival experience and companies can capitalise on this through quirky sponsorships and experiences.

Sponsored taxi or bus rides are a great way to get your brand out there or you could work with the local council on a campaign to ensure that the festival and all those extra visitors don’t do too much damage to the area.

If you are working with a larger, commercial festival, you might find yourself competing for attention.

And the competition isn’t just from the bands and stands.

There will be plenty of other brands and businesses looking to get noticed and engage with potential consumers.

A great way to connect and make an impact is to own and create moments. Festivals are busy by nature, with lots of activities going on.

So a great way to really connect is to create a special event within an event that is separate from all the hustle and bustle and lets them immerse themselves in an experience.

Why? Because today’s festival attendee is more informed, socially connected and has a higher expectation from the brands they consume.

In today’s experience-driven economy as a brand you need to create unique, credible and relevant activations that will leave attendees wanting to invest in your brand post-festival.

And that is the sweet spot.

You’ve created memorable moments, consumers have engaged with your brand and feel they understand you more and even better – they can’t help but share that experience on social media – driving even more engagement and brand awareness.




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