We were lucky to have our Maven Mirror at a wedding in Crossley House last weekend and as a truly fabulous place to hold a wedding or an event, we thought we would share our thoughts on the venue.

The mansion is set within the gorgeous landscaped gardens of Belle Vue Park, providing picturesque scenery for any photos you wish to take outdoors at the event, as well as a relaxed location to chat to other guests, business prospects or acquaintances with a cool refreshing tipple in your hand.

Host or attend an event at the mansion and you’ll easily be the envy of anyone you tell about it. Everything about Crossley House speaks elegance and grandeur. From  the rooms with their high ceilings and glistening chandeliers to the stellar central hallway and marble staircase, the building will leave an impression on you and your guests when you walk through its doors. The mansion has undergone a range of restorations throughout the years, all helping to keep the venue in the exquisite condition is it today.

wedding venue leedsThe house’s French Renaissance ballroom is quite the part and lends itself terrifically to banqueting. The room is part of the original design of the house and the light pours in through the windows, really illuminating the room. The Rocco mirrors, oak panelling and hand coving all reflect the rich feel to the room.

Meanwhile, the Crystal Ballroom — what better place could there be to hold a reception? The room features a purpose-built bar to serve guests drinks, and the French doors open out onto the mansion’s considerably beautiful gardens. Guests can quite comfortably stand and chat here with a drink or canape, with the sound of the fountain in the background adding to the tranquil vibe of the location.

If you’re serving any food at your event, you’re in for a treat. Everything is cooked and served to perfection, with dishes and drinks complementing each other tremendously. To describe it all as delicious would be an understatement. You’d be forgiven if you felt like singing afterwards.

The service is at the same high standard as the catering. The staff are polite and attentive, and their experience and love of their trade really shines through. Nothing is too much trouble and they handle every detail with the utmost professionalism.

wedding venue leedsAnd don’t think that because of all its opulence, Crossley House must be out of reach. It isn’t. You can drive to the house from the M1 or the M62, and you can also get to easily from Halifax centre. Best of all, parking here is free, so neither you nor your guests have to fumble around for change when you arrive.

Ultimately, if you hold your event at Crossley House, you can be sure you’re placing it in good hands. It’s a splendid venue in a scenic location and the service is top notch. Whatever the type of event you want to hold, you can be safe in the knowledge that it will be a success. If you were to host another event in the future, you’d definitely consider holding it at Crossley House again.


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